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Nevertheless, the spire rises octagon upon octagon, pinnacle by pinnacle, until the stone pillars shriek and the ground beneath it swims.Its shadow falls ever darker on the world below, and on Dean Jocelin in particular.Douglas suspects that there is something valuable hidden on the plane and MJN manage to buy back Gerti.His suspicions prove correct when he discovers that the wiring on the plane is made of gold.Each episode is named after a different city (often a destination for MJN in the episode) each beginning with successive letters of the alphabet.

Herc is an occasional rival to Douglas and a love interest to Carolyn, though she is reluctant to reciprocate Herc's affections.This is the origin of the phrase "The lemon is in play," used by Douglas in the episodes Qikiqtarjuaq and Zurich Part 2.Though MJN squabble among themselves, in several episodes the crew unite to combat a common enemy or problem.Thus Martin also has a second job with his own business, Icarus Removals, using a van he inherited from his late father, and lives a life of poverty.Douglas, meanwhile, has to do his job in order to pay two different alimonies, and tries to keep secret from his third wife Helena that he is not a captain.

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