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However, I did see Sasquatch Gang (2006), about slackers hunting the legendary monster.

Or Friday Night Lights (2008-2010), about a high school football team in small-town Texas.

Au cinma, il joue dans "Calvin Marshall" en 2009, "Soul Surfer" en 2011, puis dans le film d'horreur "Excision" l'anne suivante.

En 2014, il est l'affiche du film "Into the storm", un thriller d'aventures de Steven Quale, avec Richard Armitage et Sarah Wayne Callies, et en 2015, il tient le rle principal du western "The Unbroken".

Jeremy Sumpter's biography on IMDB states that he was a "normal kid," and that seems to be the mantra of the former child star's career: be normal, be heterosexual, flee from anything that might hint at the existence of gay people.

I first saw him in Frailty (2001), about a Christian fundamentalist who goes around killing people who are "possessed by demons," and is grooming his sons to follow in his footsteps.

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