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The earlier version was replace with the cookies version to be less offensive.For collectors, it presents two variations to find.Clay Art is famous for it's craftsmanship and outstanding art. However, because they were not originally collectors items, and because many were discarded after being considered derogatory, not that many remain. Since early production techniques in the 1940s were not as polished as they are today, real Mc Coy cookie jars tend to suffer from paint chips. Ironically, then, Mc Coy presents a situation where a nicer looking jar may not be as valuable as one with paint wear - because it is a newer reproduction instead of an original.Their work is wonderful and the colors used are bright and vivid. More information here warning about Mc Coy replica jars.Value and pricing: The Clay Art Baking Time cookie jar is typically see in the - 5 range. Inside was a coupon offer to buy a matching Nutmeg and Cinnamon Aunt Jemima containers, with a further option to get a cloves, allspice and ginger set. Secure it at least behind glass so it will not get damaged. We have read but not confirmed that over 100,000 of these cookie jars were produced.

Created by F & F Mold and Die Works, sometimes referred to by sellers as F&F Plastic, this cookie jar measures a foot tall and seven inches wide. The company made these Aunt Jemima cookie jars in the late 1940s. In full glory the figure is wearing a white dress with a red cap. Outlined in black is the word "Cookies" at the base of the dress.On the inside it has this printing: COMMEMORATIVE LIMITED EDITION 1991 #147 of 250 top Very rare.Made by Weller in the mid-1930s, this Black Americana jar features a mammy holding a watermelong.However, because they are modern reproductions the jars would not be considered to be vintage and authentically collectible Mc Coy cookie jars.So if you collect Aunt Jemima, mammy or Black Americana these are still very nice additions to your collection.

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