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Autotrack cameras are connected to the conference system to enable the meetings to be webcast that can be seen at; Borough of Greenwich Royal Borough of Greenwich has the latest generation of Beyer radio conferencing equipment where there are three controllers allowing 3 separate meetings of 15 microphones to run simultaneously but when the dividing partitions are opened up, the delegates units can all run off one controller and provide one large meeting with 45 delegates.The hard of hearing and videopresentations are all switched between the room layouts using the Crestron controller.

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The video is also relayed to the three committee rooms where three standalone presentation systems were installed.

Dual projector screens with plasma panels for the public seating, hard of hearing and loudspeakers for the public address completed the system.

North Tyneside Metropolitan Council Utilising two controllers enables two meetings of 35 delegates each to be held simultaneously in separate rooms in the new Civic Suite at North Tyneside Metropolitan Council.

With the microphones removed, the chamber still looks exactly as it did when it was new.

With the microphones inserted and at the touch of a button on the controller, the chamber now automatically transforms into one of the most up to date, fully digital conference audio visual and webcasting systems in the country.

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