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I recommend that you talk with your mentors/leadership team and see if any of these fit well.Unfortunately they all take a lot of time, which we're certainly running out of at this point in the season.Bases on the team number on your profile I do not see your team listed, unfortunately.https://gov/events/2018_There's a great Compass Alliance Pathway on Fundraising that compiles a ton of resources to try and help lay a solid foundation for a team.As to the money, we've in the past, done a "shotgun" approach (is that what it's called?

This would depend on your mentor-ship (seems limited), student knowledge ( probably also low as you are a rookie team), team student numbers...,and build space. Not sure how it works out west but in MN places like the American Legion, Elks, Eagles, ect. You will probably have to go present to these people so be prepared.- We request (but don't require) each team member's family make a donation. Start with the network of your coach, mentors, and team member parents...What business owners and business decision makers do people know?Determine which grants you're eligible for, and complete the applications.- Some companies give a matching $X donation for every hour its employees volunteer.

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