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The work load for the hospital was just unbearable, with most of the staff dragging themselves from day to day.During her time in Salonika Ruth also witnessed and assisted in saving of lives in what was know as the great fire of Thessaloniki in August of 1917 when nearly a third of the city went up in flames.Salonika its self had in the summer of 1917 went through a horrendous time when a fire burned for 2 days, even the hospital was a one point in danger of bursting into flames.Ailsa would have been very busy in the days after, as the hospital took in victims affected by the flames and smoke.

Perhaps the most challenging time at Salonika was in the summer of 1916.Although their were times when the hospital was very much in demand, it was a quieter time and tensions were building in the unit.Personality’s were clashing, the position of the hospital was in question and the x-ray truck had still not arrived.In her early years and as early as her third year, Ailsa had crossed the Atlantic from USA to UK and back.In 1911, Ailsa is listed on the Anchor Line “Caledonia”.

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