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In a joint statement issued Saturday, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and President Roh also agreed not to allow North Korea to possess or develop nuclear weapons and to resolve the issue peacefully and diplomatically. Relations between the two nations have improved markedly over the past year, thanks in part to their successful cohosting of the soccer World Cup 2002.That agreement complements similar accords the two leaders reached with U. Now they have a great opportunity to cooperate more closely to build a new order of peace in all of East Asia.It also puts a premium on mutual confidence and reciprocity.Not surprisingly, the joint statement does not include tough language, such as a reference to economic sanctions.The APEC Counter Terrorism Task Force will report back to the Leaders of APEC economies at the annual Leaders Meeting that will be held in Bangkok in October.From 06/01/2003 TOP Asia Still Haunted by Japan's Militarism TOKYO (AFP) - South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun urged Japan to fight any domestic attempt to defend its wartime aggression, saying Asian neighbours are still nervous about signs of Tokyo's return to militarism.

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It is the top priority for leaders of both countries to jointly tackle the issue," he said.

It says only that the two nations will "strengthen cooperation by confirming the principles agreed upon in their summit meetings with the United States." North Korea, however, must not misread the message from the Tokyo summit, which is that Japan and South Korea, together with the United States, will not make compromises that reward Pyongyang's misbehavior.

The nuclear issue needs to be discussed in detail at the forthcoming session of the Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group.

Roh called on the Japanese government to enhance people's awareness of its war-time history so that the two countries could exorcise the ghost of Japanese militarism.

"We have to face the past squarely," said the South Korean president.

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