How to transition from online dating to real life

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The point is that you expand your circle and your dating options.

A great option to meet people with similar interests after college is trying out an online dating site.

Schedule dates on weekends so you don't have to worry about leaving work early or feeling tired the next day.

Scheduling dates during lunch hours is also gaining popularity among young professionals.

Sure it’s different, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Every single day friendships are made, business deals are crafted and relationships begin and end. As the internet becomes more engrained in our day to day lives you will start to notice that the line between the “online world” and “real world” will get blurrier and blurrier.

If being able to see someone in person or hear them speak is what constitutes a relationship, then what about the blind person that can never see who they are talking to, or the deaf person that can’t hear a word you are saying?

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Now that is kind of a sad realization, but when it all comes down to it, that’s the truth.

If I’ve spent three hours talking to someone via skype over the past few months, but haven’t sat down and had a beer with them in person, does that make them any less of a friend? The sooner you can embrace an online relationship as something that is very real, and here to stay, the sooner you can begin taking advantage of them.

In previous posts, you’ve heard me mention the virtues of being able to meet people who share similar interests.

Many young professionals become so consumed by work that their schedule doesn't allow dating or socializing with new people.

Even if you are engrossed by your career, you can make time for your love life.

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