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To a degree stats have to be thrown out in such a year since already nothing makes sense. I already If Oscar voters knew that the only thing standing between them and Dee Rees’ Mudbound getting an Oscar nomination for Best Picture was how they ranked it on their ballots, do you think they would mark it at number one?

Last year was This is your chance to throw it out there to any Academy members who might read this site — and might scroll down the comments and read YOUR BEST TAKE on what film or contender you’d like to see honored. One of the best writers on film is, in my opinion, the Washington Post’s Ann When I spoke to Mandy Walker (Hidden Figures, The Mountains Between Us) last year, she estimated that only 5% of cinematographers are women.

The MVP is Christoper Plummer who, like only a real actor through and through could pull off, rose to the challenge of becoming John Paul Getty almost overnight.Our life is full of mysteries and secrets, each new day, every step, every moment prepare surprises for us and unexpected events.Those can be both pleasant and unpleasant, but people should be prepared for those in order to avoid losing their self-control because of happiness or sorrow.With idyllic beaches, crystal waters, and stunning landscapes, the Caribbean is a hard destination to beat.Perfectly suited to couples and families alike, with each island offering something unique, there is the perfect island out there for you. Take advantage of our great range of last minute flight and holiday offers and you could soon be discovering the best for less.

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