Shin min ah and top dating

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We hope it will still be them to be the lead stars of City Hunter 2.... But I also hope you'll work with Ji Chang Wook again (one of the best OTPs ever). Hoping that you will have another KBS with Ji Chang Wook your really good together the chemistry are explainable... Flawless acting in all her roles i neomu neomu appreciate her ☺ THANK YOU! Definitely one of my top favorite actresses of all time I like her so much ...acting skill is best among all the actress ...... I love you so much :* saru from Nepal - mount Everest...... I was really expecting a lot from this current drama, and as always you haven't disappointed. I really admire you when it comes to acting, modelling and interview. you exude with elegance and intelligence that nobody does.

Among my favorite dramas, Min Young is in three of them: Healer, City Hunter, and Remember. I like her role in city hunter ,healer,and remember specially.... I do like this actress in drama "Healer", but I don't like her in "Remember" I just hate her hairstyle in "Remember." Why does she need to have THAT wig. I am watching "Remember" only because of Namgung Min. Glad to have your character in this story-line and plot. you also show bubbliness in the way you laugh amd smile. xx.min young is really great actress specially in healer i really like her acting in iam sam she so cute..unnie fighting im always support you you deserve to be a best actress in korea.

However, Pinnocchio has way better casts, story, and actions than Healer by far. I intend to buy all her films ...i love dis names kim nana floppy ears nana bear nana and chicken nana so funny I really want to see The Cat. Sometimes I feel like my love life could be made into a Korean horror movie. You look wonderful and already your acting is excellent.(as usual) I'm looking forward to watching you with Jin Lee Han. Dear min yung, I love your "City Hunter" drama that play with Lee min ho. I congratulate you for this excellent role that played. The first korean drama that i watched was City Hunter with Lee Min Ho, and i have to be honest, she was amazing . i recommend you to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal..she's so great there and the male casts too. Keep up a good work ok;-).hwaiting my lovely fan fr.

Park Shin Hye's performance in Pinocchio clean-sweeps Park Min Young's performance in Healer. I have always enjoyed her performances in anything I have seen her in. Malaysia She was great in Sungkyung Kwan Scandal, She was great in City Hunter, She is great in Glory Jane/Manofhonor and she will still be great and awesome in her next Drama. Hope to see more of her in comedy romance in the future maybe with Kim Bum I instantly liked her when I watch sungkyunkwan scandal!

The storyline is well written and carried out, details of acting in each scene touches the heart of viewers!

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This is a great drama full of so many different genres.

Park Min Young's character in Healer is refreshing & fun to watch. I'm happy you choose A New Leaf as your comeback drama. I'm hoping that you can be together in real life 'cause both of you really look good. I am very sad iam an indian...i love korean dramas,especially those of park min young and lee min ho....i really love both of them soo much....waiting for lee min ho new series HEIRS...park's new drama........... It was a complete package that's why many fans love her.. ;-) i Hope for continuessly good luck in your career.did a good job there.. ♥♥♥ I like her acting in sunkyunkwan scandal, but in other films i guess her acting Not that good, but not bad too. After watching this most beautiful drama, truly PMY is an amazing actress.

If you're wondering whether or not you should watch it then I would say go for it. Lee Ji Yoon is so cute and bubbly.,and you and Kim myung min Chemistry was so so GREAT! I never thought that i would love this pairing,but looked at myself now..i'm hooked with both of you Kim Seok Joo n Lee Ji Yoon.... opinion only, but i hope to see you both in another drama. City Hunter is the first series I saw and immediately fell in love with you and I am glad that you were a pair of not only the series but in reality I hope you'll get back will be together I miss you lee min Ho oppa I can not believe what you do not consent to a second season of City Hunter? I am a Filipino but I really love korean Dramas, especially those of Park Min-Young. OMG Just wathed City hinter and she was amazig hahah : D and so it Lee Min Ho! btw,guys., Let's vote for Park min young in Seoul International Drama awards 2012 :-) because of you and Min Ho, I became a kpop and kdrama addict! your acting is very effective, it touches viewers feelings because you can show each of the character of the role you played naturally. She has a pretty face and bright smile She reminds me to '4 minutes' leader ... Park Min Young you are so beautiful, If I have another life, I wish I was a korean, so that I have the chance to see you..(But I know it's Impossible) ^_^.. Her performance is just outstanding beyond words can express.

From the cheesy oppas, cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, the Korean dramas are the best recommend for someone who likes to see romance with some funny backdrop.

My Love from Star Everything is this drama perfectly fits!

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