The political party system dating

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I will note two words that illustrate this fact: those words are “Donald” and “Trump.” The nature of the nomination process provided the GOP with Trump as nominee and as POTUS.

However, they cannot (even if Moore quits the race).

This is clear illustration of what my co-authors and I were pointing out about American parties in : the two major US parties are essentially unique in the degree to which party leadership outsources a key power of parties to an actor it cannot control: the power to select candidates.

I have written about this on the blog over the years as well (see here, here, and here, for example).

If one is a voter who truly believes Moore will prevent the murder of the innocent, and Jones will promote it, then it is not irrational to cast a ballot for Moore (nor it is hard to understand how that voter will seek to rationalize the accusations as “fake news” or somesuch).

Note, too, that a lot of social conservatives have deep opposition to same sex marriage, and Jones favors it, while Moore was willing to lose a seat on the state Supreme Court over the issue.

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