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The Reynolds family relocated to Reynolda in December 1917. and Katharine Reynolds’s second child and older daughter, acquired the estate.Katharine operated the estate until her own death in 1924. She and her husband Charlie Babcock used the house as their vacation home until 1948 at which time they moved permanently to Reynolda."It's a mess in terms of pollution and health and it's a mess in terms of the democratic process."With dozens of new sites added to the inactive hazardous waste list each year, and no real push to give DENR more money and more power to crack down on polluters, the number of stories like Drey's will grow as well."It continues to be a concern," Drey said. Katharine Smith Reynolds proved equal to her husband in drive and initiative.Despite the sometimes active threats to water or air, many of these sites take years or decades to clean up, if they're cleaned up at all.And the fund to clear out the contamination can't keep up. Pollution left behind by an old dry cleaner that closed up shop 40 years ago chased her from her home in Durham."I found out the house, the indoor air, the soil were all contaminated," Drey said.While work is under way at the site, that's not the case for thousands of others across the state. That doesn't include 1,358 other sites with dry cleaning contamination and landfills that predate the permitting process.

"That's not possible at all."In an annual report to the General Assembly, the estimated cost of cleaning up the 330 sites where a responsible owner can't be found approaches 0 million.The site was first admitted into the program established by the Dry Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act in 2006.But despite efforts to remove tainted soil and clean groundwater, problems still exist.But in the last fiscal year, the fund to pay for waste clean up brought in only 0,000.A the end of the year, the effective cash balance was zero."It's a swirling mess, frankly," Warren said.

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