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M; C'ANCUK t to mil a track to the bank opposite St. Agents have agreed to keep n full assert- depot an U keep the irac K in r thereto, ^^„^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^j ^^ .^^ ^j,^^ ^, my Tlio Llinncscta Hols* 1* 111 ft C'I't. I3at le delajed for over il^-'^yt^o days before doin,' no, ari J «:ro seud ia your iubjcrip- iio:iii lo the i. Jif* Colently advanctd to support a new ilvoa- ju^ Daily, a:id iherefuro tuey com.nan:ed the publicatioji of one, cillsi '* Tke Ilvfii.

— Wtjii-otice In ilio J'C^A*- i'j U a sluteiscut that M. T«o r«pub'ic.\n, one semi-democratic and \i U9 fttma'o,— a'! aloptod, aui aft '--r wards, on motion, ^r Llastcr rccymmeud'.-d lo be Li4 on \l\j table. Biiitol'i^ bill on the stme subject was then taken up, and ^Ir. Messrs, Bristol and I)a:iicls, and f^iyorid the '•Di.da- 110 bill," 0.1 the ground that it took tlie se Llleinent ol tiie bonds out of the hands of lac State oili-jers, and out of politics. Smiiii moved as a suboiitiite ths b IM introduced in tiie House by Mr. ij c:)nstitu tion, so Ui it the imjiroveinent lands can 1 ever b^j dispensed of c^j.-pi by a vole of the people. He predicted that to turn over this matter to individu;ils the . The conii.iittec then recotamended that the origiaal Liii [the Briatoi billj lav ou the table. Smith, prescribing that in aciecting hinds i Vir cancelling bonds from lime lo time, one half selected ^hali be from i Lo-ic of the least value. Eolsom thought the bill provided for partial repudiation. The committee recommended that the bill be engrossed for a third reading, which with the other recommendatloiu was adopt- by the Senate. T seiiienienl wiili the State ohievrs was just jiivci-sely where it should be left. i:ig J'reit." The first naruber v.a3 liaaud Mjnday, Maieh iid. The subicri.ilija prio,* Im o.'i'y abiat half ai much ai» the iloriiiu^j / !

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